Apply for waiver of a fine

1. For a waiver of a fine Fill out the ‘Manage Infringement’ form online at the Access Canberra website (linked below).
2. To make this application you will need to address the criteria below.
3. If your application for a waiver is rejected you could appeal this decision, or look at the other options for dealing with the fine.

When a traffic or parking fine is waived you no longer have to pay it. Waiver is only granted in very limited circumstances.

For waiver to be considered, you must be able to show that:

  • You do not have the financial ability to pay the fine; and
  • You have special circumstances (e.g. a disability, homelessness); and
  • Enforcement action (like suspension of your license) is unlikely to make you pay the fine; and
  • You are not able to complete an approved community work or social development program.

You will need to address these dot points in the form linked below which addresses all of the criteria listed above. You will also need to provide some evidence of what you are saying. This evidence could be a bank statement, or a letter from your doctor, a counsellor, or another support service.

The process

Parking, traffic camera or traffic infringement Go to the Access Canberra website and fill out the manage parking infringement form which can be founder here: smartforms/servlet/SmartForm. html?formCode=1478

Fill out the tabs and select the “I am under financial hardship and would like to apply for a waiver” tab.


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