Public Housing Duty Lawyer

Who are we?

CCL provides a free, independent and confidential duty lawyer service at the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT) each Thursday for the residential tenancy public housing list.

How can we help you?

We can provide initial legal advice on your situation and the options you have.

We may also be able to:

  • Talk to Housing ACT on your behalf
  • Link you in with financial and social supports
  • Represent you in the Tribunal hearing
  • Make a referral to CCL’s legal practice meeting for ongoing casework assistance

The type of assistance is determined on a case by case basis depending our legal practice guidelines and availability of resources.

Helpful tips

  • As soon as you are notified of a Tribunal hearing, telephone CCL’s Housing Law advice line on 6218 7900 to ask how we may be able to assist with your public housing tenancy matter.
  • Arrive at the Tribunal at least 60 minutes prior to the hearing time, to ensure you have time to speak with the CCL Duty Lawyer about your matter.
  • Bring the Tribunal documents with you and any other documents you think may be relevant (e.g. receipts for rent payments, support letters, proof of income).
  • If you have problems finding CCL’s Duty Lawyer ask the tribunal staff at the front counter for assistance.
  • If you need assistance at the Tribunal when CCL’s Duty Lawyer is not there, phone our Housing Law advice line on 6218 7900 and ask to be urgently put through to a lawyer. If you can’t get through to CCL please tell the Tribunal member and Housing ACT that you would like to obtain legal advice before the hearing goes ahead.

Helpful links

See our public housing fact sheets for further information about common housing issues and navigating the legal process.

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