ANU Clinal Legal Education

Canberra Community Law in partnership with the Australian National University (ANU) runs the Community Law Clinic and the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic. For more information about ANU College of Law’s Clinical Legal Programs go to the ANU law website.

Each semester, Canberra Community Law has a number of students working under the expert supervision of our legal team. During the course, students work for one full day a week at Canberra Community Law where they undertake legal work under the supervision of our solicitors.

Through weekly tutorial and reflection sessions, students are challenged to regularly reflect on issues of social justice and legal ethics.

The video below was used for the ‘Building a Bespoke Clinic’ presentation at the International Journal of Clinical Legal Education Conference in July 2016 which discussed how our clinical legal education program was run at that time.

Download video transcript

While changes have been made to the program since this time, the essential components of the program have stayed the same and we still get excellent feedback from previous students about their experience. Below are short videos from our previous clinical legal education students.

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