Help for People with Disabilities Brochure

About Canberra Community Law (CCL)

CCL provides free, independent and confidential legal services to people on low incomes or facing other disadvantage in the ACT. We provide seven legal services:

  • Housing Law can help if you are having problems with public housing (Housing ACT), ACT community housing provider or an occupancy agreement.
  • Social Security Law can help you with Centrelink matters if you live in the ACT.
  • Dhurrawang Aboriginal Human Rights Program can help all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the ACT with housing, Centrelink and race discrimination matters. Dhurrawang can also assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in south-east NSW with Centrelink matters.
  • Street Law can help people who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness with most civil and minor criminal law matters.
  • Disability Discrimination Law can help you if you or someone you care for have been discriminated against because of a disability.
  • Socio-Legal Practice Clinic provides intensive legal and social work support for people with complex legal and social support needs. The clinic accepts internal referrals from CCL lawyers. Please discuss with a CCL lawyer if you think you might benefit from this assistance.
  • Night Time Legal Advice Service provides information, referral or one-off legal advice in most areas of law.

How we can help people with disability

People with disability can access any of our services. Many of our clients are people with disability.

Examples of legal help we have provided people facing barriers related to their disability include:

  • making disability discrimination complaints to the ACT Human Rights Commission and the Australian Human Rights Commission
  • other advocacy to resolve disability discrimination matters
  • making health services complaints that are related to a person’s disability
  • making disability service complaints
  • obtaining accessible public housing
  • Disability Support Pension, mobility allowance and other Centrelink matters
  • community legal education on issues affecting people with disability
  • law and policy reform to support people with disability.

Please see our Disability Action and Inclusion Plan for further information about our commitment to supporting people with disability, and parents and carers of people with disability.

For more information about our services see the brochure on Our Services.


A hand drawn illustration of a forlorn boy sitting on some steps

An image of The Indigenous Flag & the Torres Strait Islander Flag

Canberra Community Law acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we work in the ACT and surrounding region and pay our respects to their elders past, present and future for they hold the memories, traditions, the cultures and hopes of Australia’s First Peoples.

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